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Andrea Reimer
Andrea Reimer

TL;DR - I’m not running for mayor

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch encouraging me to consider a run for mayor in the 2022 municipal election. The unwavering support for bolder, more courageous leadership on the issues I have put so much of my life into, from climate action and reconciliation to economic and...

Making Room

Yesterday I was coming home from a friend's house, pushing my bike up a steep hill in the mid afternoon heat, eating a divine ice cream sandwich from Earnest Ice Cream [] and thinking that despite the choking haze I have so many gifts in my...

The Ravenous City

Many years ago, I read a book that made the case that every civilization that had existed on earth had buckled under the weight of one of two problems: 1. how to get all the goods and services that residents needed into ever-growing population centres 2. how to get all...

Andrea Reimer

Good News

This weekend I finally left Vancouver for a few days, the first time that's happened since March 2020. It would have been magical to finally be able to travel no matter what the circumstances but spending this time away with 40 people on a Southern Gulf Island celebrating...

Andrea Reimer

The Truth About Our Democracy

I had planned to write about something completely different today but Jody Wilson-Raybould’s announcement this past week that she wouldn’t be seeking re-election [] as an MP bumped a lot of people’s plans. With signs pointing to a late summer...

The (nearly) Perfect Summer Cocktail

Before you start, if you don't already have the ability to make those giant square ice cubes I would strongly advise getting a silicon mold so you can. They are not just for looks: the extra area keeps drinks cooler for longer and the melt is much slower...

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