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Vancouver Voted

I promised some preliminary post-election thoughts so here they are. First off, a big thank you to all the candidates, their families, campaign workers & volunteers, election staff and media. Elections are exhausting but your collective work is the energy that fuels democracy To the winners, congratulations! I hope you all...

Andrea Reimer

Vancouver Votes

I realize that I’ve been putting off writing because it’s impossible to ignore the five million tonne elephant in the room that is the Vancouver municipal election. For those that aren’t living in Vancouver, or do live here but don’t ever leave the house or listen...

Andrea Reimer

Week 1: Temporary Modular Housing

With the municipal election getting closer in Vancouver (8 weeks from yesterday – mark your calendars for Saturday, October 15, 2022), I’ve been thinking a lot about housing policies, the many promises from candidates and parties, and what actually has made a difference over the 14 years the City has...

The Biggest Loser

As many of you know I spent four terms elected to local government so it’s probably not a surprise that I still follow it closely and this year that will be especially true as 2022 is a year of local government elections in Canada. To be clear, not all...

Local Government Elections 2022

BC - October 15, 2022 Yellowknife, NWT - October 17, 2022 Ontario - October 24, 2022 Manitoba - October 26, 2022 PEI - November 7, 2022 Saskatchewan RMs (even) - November 9, 2022 NWT Hamlets - December 12, 2022...

It's Time

At the beginning of last August I pressed send on a newsletter, intending to take a month off and then get back to writing in September…and here I finally am, one year later. What happened? The easy answer is that I came back from vacation – my first in a...

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